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Moving Day || Manhattan Portrait Photographer

Although I am going to keep my old blog up – for sentimental reasons more than anything else – I am in the process of moving a lot of the old posts over here, for reference purposes.  So over the next few days or so, you’re going to see a lot of sessions you’ve probably already seen, as well as some general blog posts that I feel deserve a home over here.  Not everything is moving, but just the things that I feel also need to be here.  I’m not going to put them under their original post date, but I will make a note of it at the top of each post.  So please don’t run away when you see the old content popping up.  I still have lots and lots of new content, new sessions, and more that need to be blogged, I just want to take care of this while I have the time.  And if you’re a new reader, it’s a great chance for you to catch up on some of my old posts/sessions/etc.  Thanks for your patience!