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Olive & Boo Radley || NYC Pet Portraits

It’s been a while since I posted any portraits of my sweet cats, Olive and Boo Radley.  Olive is a chubby tabby who needs crazy amounts of attention.  She prefers John, but I’ll do in a pinch.  Boo Radley is “my” cat, and she loves to talk.  I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a human.  She’s also a lot harder to take pictures of, because she’s more active than Olive.

We’ve had the girls for three years this month.  They both came from New York Animal Care and Control – they’re pound kitties.  If you’re considering adopting a pet, please consider going through a shelter instead of a breeder.  Growing up, we always had pound puppies and kitties, and they were always so sweet, so well behaved, and so much healthier than pure bred pets.  And best of all, you’re saving a life that otherwise would have been needlessly extinguished.  Both of our cats were on the verge of being put down, which makes me so sad whenever I think about it.  I’m so glad we found them, and so glad that when we decided to bring animals into our home, we went to a shelter.

Here are a few photos I snapped this morning of Miss Olive and Miss Boo: