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Portland: Day One || New York City Photographer

I’m happy to report I (obviously) survived our very long flight out to the West Coast yesterday, with minimal (for me) freaking out.  Although we were treated to an incredible lightening storm over the Great Plains, it was a really great, smooth flight overall.  We arrived in Portland a little after midnight last night; it was 3am for us, so we were pretty exhausted.  But that didn’t stop us from popping out of bed this morning to seize the day.  John headed to OSCON, and I went out to explore Portland on my own.

My first stop was Washington Park, which was gorgeous.  I visited the International Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden.  I then headed out of the park and wandered around the city center for a couple hours, before hopping on the MAX Light Rail back to our hotel to take a little rest.  Jet lag and lack of sleep are finally getting the best of me now.  I took lots and lots of photos today though.  Washington Park was especially photogenic.

When I left the hotel this morning it was 58 degrees… so it was immediate love for me and Portland.  I cannot tell you how good 58 degrees feels after the heat wave we’ve had in New York City.  John should be back from the conference pretty soon, and we’ll be heading back out for dinner and hopefully to explore the city a little bit more, if we’re not too exhausted.

I have a lot of things lined up for tomorrow.  I really really love Portland so far.  Everyone has been so nice and helpful, and the public transportation system is fantastic – and cheap!  It’s so green and lovely here… I really like being able to wear a cardigan in July.

Here are a few photos I took in the park this morning: