Today is my birthday!  I had planned on taking the day off, but my birthday happened to coincide with CreativeLIVE’s Wedding Photography course with on of my photography idols, Jasmine Star, so I spent the day watching and taking copious amounts of notes.  Not exactly the birthday I had in mind, BUT I’m learning a ton, and to be able to have her guidance for free in this way is a pretty great birthday present.  And then John came home, presented me with a new camera lens (!!!) and took me to dinner at the fantastic Brassierie Cognac!

This birthday is kind of exciting because of what lies in store for me this year.  The main event is, of course, my upcoming wedding and marriage.  SIX WEEKS to go.  I cannot even explain how unbelievably excited I am to marry the most amazing man I’ve ever known.  It still doesn’t feel totally real yet.  After the wedding, we’re off to Italy for two weeks, which will be wonderful.  I also have some incredible photography opportunities coming up: one is next month (more on that later!), and one in December that will take me out of the country.  In the spring I will (hopefully) be running my first half-marathon, which scares me to death!!  But all in all it should be an incredible year, and I’ve really looked forward to this birthday, knowing what lies ahead.

In honor of my birthday, I’m starting a new project.  I’ve decided to document everyday of my life this year in photographs.  It seemed an appropriate thing to start on one’s birthday, and it’s something I’ve been wanting to knock off of my Life List.  (For those of you unfamiliar with a Life List, I was actually inspired by the fantastic Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl.  I created my Life List earlier this year, and I have been trying to clear things off bit by bit.)

So here is a capture (with my new lens) from the amazing restaurant we went to tonight.  Day 1/365: