I don’t really like summer.  I’m an autumn kind of girl.  Boots, scarves, cardigans… these things make up my normal uniform most of the year, except for the three or so months when it’s painfully hot in the city.  I never know what to wear in the summer.  I feel so uncomfortable and out of place.  This summer has been especially bad… heatwave after brutal heatwave; descending the subway stairs was like climbing into an oven.

I love New York City; it has my heart and soul.  But sometimes in the summer, I find myself dreaming about a little house someplace cooler… Northern California, maybe?  Wherever the summers aren’t quite so painful.  The few days we spent in Portland, Oregon in July were such a welcome relief after the oppressive heat we had here.

But this weekend, the unofficial end to summer, was amazing.  Beyond amazing.  I broke out my boots and a my favorite cardigan, and happily ushered in fall.  Stepping onto my terrace this morning, there was a distinct chill in the air.  Perfect.

I know it will heat up again, but hopefully not like it has been.  It should be smooth sailing from here on out.  I’m ready for chai teas, falling leaves, pumpkins lined up on the streets, and the floats from the Thanksgiving parade that drift past my living room window each year.

Bye bye, summer.