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Home Sweet Home

We’re baaaaack!  Our two weeks in Italy came to an end, and we arrived back home on Friday afternoon after a ten hour flight from Rome.  The wedding… the honeymoon… everything was beyond perfect, and we savored every second.  Of course, when I say everything was perfect, I don’t mean we didn’t have a few problems.  We had all kinds of snafus leading up to the wedding, and we have a pretty ridiculous story of driving around in circles in Siena for at least an hour, which culminated in us accidentally running over a woman’s shopping cart.  But somehow, still, it was perfect.  All of it.  And I think I am still high off the entire experience.

We adored Italy, and have already begun daydreaming about a return trip, perhaps to Venice or the Amalfi Coast.  But I have to tell you, as our plane descended into New York City on Friday, and I looked out the tiny window at the skyline of my beloved Manhattan in the distance, I felt a little lump in my throat as I always do whenever I’m coming back home from anywhere.  We love our adventures… and we love to come home to New York City after them.  New York still has my heart and soul.

So now we’re trying to get back into the swing of things, back into work and life and deadlines and normalcy.  We had been planning this wedding for a year and a half, so getting back into things without our other full time job of wedding planning is… strange.  Good strange, but strange nonetheless.  I have a mountain of work, sessions lined up through the end of the year, and a wedding to photograph in a little over a month in Mexico… but it all seems so much more manageable without the added work of wedding planning.  I already feel so much more sane.  Strange, indeed.

I really must thank all of my clients for their patience and support as I tried to balance everything.  I received so many wonderful emails from current and past clients the week of my wedding and while I was away, wishing us well, and I was so touched.  Truly, my clients are incredible.  I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m certainly not going to question it.  I’ll be responding to all emails/inquiries/phone calls/etc. today, so once again, thank you for your patience during this wonderful but hectic time in my life.

I have tons of pictures to share of the wedding, the honeymoon, and lots of sessions I haven’t had a chance to share yet, so hopefully I’ll get my blogging back on track this week, as I know my posts were quite sporadic over the last few weeks/months.

It feels like just yesterday that I posted about my wedding being two days away, and now here we are – two weeks on the other side.  It goes by SO quickly.  Having gone through it, I think the best piece of advice I can give to all my clients would be: live in the moment.  Savor every second… the bad and the good.  I know it doesn’t seem like it – but you will laugh about all the little mishaps that happen along the way in wedding planning.  Some of the silly mishaps became some of the memories we talk about the most – funny how that happens.  Just soak it all in, bask in the unbelievable joy of everyone around you… because you’ll blink your eyes and… it’s over.  (The second piece of advice I would give would be DO A FIRST LOOK!!!!  But that’s a topic that will get a post of its own.)

So, hello.  I’m back and open for business once again!  So nice to be home!

Here are a few more photographs from our honeymoon:





Yay, a photo of you! And a gorgeous one at that… welcome back!

Thanks, Alethea! I taught John how to use my camera on this trip! :-D


glad you are home and can not wait to hear the story of driving around siena. elisa and i did that in rome for almost 2 hours. photos of italy are wonderful and i love the pix of John on the Spainish Steps.

Thanks, Maryann! The Siena story is pretty hilarious. Hopefully we’ll see you sometime soon!

Congratulations! And what beautiful photos (as usual). Can’t wait to see more.

Thanks, Anna!!