Wedding planning is not easy.  It’s hard to know who to believe, who out there has your best interest at heart… which vendors you can trust to be there for you and your wedding, even after you write them a check.  Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding… “Oh, you have to have this… you have to have that.”  Really?  Um, not so much.  You don’t have to have anything.  A lot of wedding magazines and blogs are fluff fluff fluff, and yeah… the fluff can be fun and pretty to look at, but your wedding isn’t just about color schemes and flowers.

And then there’s A Practical Wedding.  A Practical Wedding is so unlike any other wedding blog out there.  I found APW a little over a year before my wedding, and it’s the only wedding related blog that I still actually read everyday.  APW is smart, funny, and full of heart.  And the community that has sprung up around it is beyond amazing.  There is nothing cooler than a bunch of intelligent, brave ladies having a real discussion not just about weddings, but marriage… and marriage planning (which is different than wedding planning)… and what it means to be a wife in 2010.

APW made me realize that when it came to our wedding, we didn’t have to do anything a specific way… we could do it OUR way.  We could be traditional if we wanted to be or throw tradition out the door… we could have an honest wedding, with no regrets.

Last month, the fantastic creator of APW – Meg – asked me why I wasn’t a sponsor.  And I didn’t have a good answer… why wasn’t I a sponsor?  I believe in A Practical Wedding… I am in love with the community… and I want to work with like minded brides.  I had to be a sponsor.

So I am BEYOND thrilled to announce that as of today, I am officially an A Practical Wedding sponsor!!!  I am totally overjoyed to throw my support behind the wedding blog that kept me sane… the wedding blog that reminded us to think of the marriage part in all this wedding planning stuff.  And I know I’m in good company with my fellow wedding vendors – we aren’t the vendors that take your money and run.  We’re the ones who will be there for you every step of the way.

If you’re not familiar with A Practical Wedding, I suggest you head on over there to join the discussion.  (And take a peek at my cute little ad on the right hand side of the APW page!)