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No, no.  This isn’t a post about how I’m feeling insecure and need you to reassure me that you like me.  It’s actually just a post to tell you that after some debate, I’ve gone back to using a Facebook business page for Katie Jane Photography.  Facebook has been known to delete people who use their personal page for business reasons… and well… don’t tell, but I have been doing that.  Ooops!  So out of fear that the swift hammer of Facebook justice will come down on me, I’m moving my base of FB operations to my official business page.  It’s fancy, y’all.

But here’s the thing… in order to tag my awesome clients so they can show off their fabulous photographs on Facebook, we have to be friends on my personal page.  Could this possibly be more confusing, Facebook?!  Which is why I’ve been using my personal page for business reasons all along.  SO… if you’re a client… head on over and “LIKE” me here: Katie Jane Photography – Business and THEN – if you’re cool with it – let’s be friends on my personal page, so I can tag your pretty face in your beautiful photos:  Katie Jane – Personal.

So reach out and click that “LIKE” button and when I get to 150 Fans on the business page, I might just give something REALLY cool away!  Oooooh.