I never wanted to be a wedding photographer.  Even when my business was just a dream floating around in my head… a shadow of an idea… I only ever envisioned family portraits.  A wedding was too much responsibility, too much work.  I loved weddings… but as a career?  Nooooo thank you.

I LOVE shooting family portraits, but somehow my focus began to change a little, and I found out I was crazy for engagement sessions.  Probably because I had just gotten engaged myself around that time, and there is something so magical in capturing that kind of love in a photograph.  The excitement of two people starting a brand new life together, a brand new family.  Those sessions are 100% pure joy, and I always come home so high off the experience.  So I decided… that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll be a couples photographer, and do family portraits on the side.  Done and done.

Then I got an email from someone eloping in New York City and thought… “Yeah, I suppose I could do that.”  So I did.  And then I did another.  And then I shot a small wedding, and then had the chance to second shoot a big wedding.  And one day I realized… “Oh, weird… I’m a wedding photographer.  How’d that happen?”  I still don’t really know the answer, but here I am.  And while I still have a lot of amazing family and engagement clients… somehow the focus of my business has changed completely, and I don’t even know how it happened, but I am so happy that it did!

I set out on a completely different path when I started my business.  And ended up here.  I think my whole life has been like that in a lot of ways… unexpected.  Ten years ago, I could never have envisioned this life I lead now… living in New York City with the world’s greatest husband and our little cat girls, the owner of a small business I am unbelievably passionate about and dedicated to, going out a capturing LOVE on film every weekend.  Heck, five years ago even… this wasn’t what I foresaw.

Sometimes you have to let go and let the flow pull you downstream.  There’s no use fighting it.  It isn’t easy… there are rapids and rocks to dodge.  But you’ll arrive in the most beautiful place… a place you could never imagine for yourself.  I never wanted to be a wedding photographer… and now there’s absolutely nothing else I’d rather be doing with my life.


(Taken in Montalcino, Italy on our honeymoon last month.)

  1. PostivelyAnna
    Nov 09, 2010

    What a lovely post! And a lovely inspiration. And of course, a lovely picture.