Thursday is Thanksgiving, and the following week I’m off to Mexico to photograph what will be an incredible destination wedding… and then we’ll blink our eyes and Christmas will be upon us, followed a few days later by the arrival of my BFF, and our 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Party.  And then it will be 2011.  Just. Like. That.

The next month will be a crazy whirlwind… full of shooting, tons of editing, lots of cooking and baking and merriment, and finishing my brand new website and blog – which will launch Monday, January 3rd, woot woot!

So in the interest of making sure I have plenty of time to spend with my wonderful husband for our first holiday season as marrieds, I will be unable to take on any new clients in December.  I will still be working, taking print orders, answering emails, scheduling client meetings, and booking for 2011… I just won’t be able to take on any additional photo sessions or weddings in December.  (And I should mention, if you’re hoping to get on my calendar for 2011… let me know ASAP so I can hold your date.  My calendar is filling up fast for 2011!)

There will be so many changes starting in January – not just a new website and blog, but all new branding, packaging, some new products, a few new policies, and a new pricing structure.  (I’ll even be hiring an intern early next year to help keep things running smoothly, and there may even be some new office space in our future!)  But I want to make sure to let you all know, if you book before January 1st, you will still be able to take advantage of my 2010 prices.  So let me know if you want to get on my schedule for 2011, but only want to pay 2010 prices.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support Katie Jane Photography has received in 2010.  This year – especially the second half of this year – the business really came into its own.  It grew leaps and bounds, and seeing what was only a tiny dream – just a few short years ago – turn into a successful business capable of standing on its own has been BEYOND incredible.  And 2011 is going to be even better!  We’re going to grow even more, and work even harder!  My dreams have only gotten bigger along with the business, and I thank you for joining us in this journey.


(Photos taken in Rome, during our honeymoon in October.)

  1. PostivelyAnna
    Nov 22, 2010

    I am beyond impressed and excited for you! Just a few short months ago you told me your goal for your business was to bring on a staff member. And you are already doing it. Well done. You are such an inspiration.