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Yesterday I took some time to write down the questions I am asked most frequently by clients, and put them all together in one place.  (I am also working on one for photographers, which will hopefully go up next week!)  So here they are!  If you think of something I left out, please let me know!

1. Do you use a second shooter?

Sometimes!  It really depends on the couple and the wedding, and that’s something we’ll chat about during the booking process.  I specialize in intimate weddings, so for a wedding with 100 people or fewer, I usually don’t need a second shooter.

2. Do you bring back up gear to each wedding?

Of course!  Occasionally cameras fail, so I prepare for that scenario and make sure I have back ups for everything.  Just in case.

3. Explain your post production process:

After a wedding, the very first thing I do is back up all the photographs onto two separate external hard drives.  I am very cautious with your photographs, and am extra careful to make sure they are never lost should a piece of equipment fail.

I then cull the images, choosing the best of the best.  Those images will then be hand edited by me personally; I NEVER outsource post production.  Within 48 hours of your event, a sneak peek will go up both on my blog and Facebook, so you’ll be able to see a few photographs right away.

After that I set to work, carefully color correcting, creatively editing, and sharpening each image to perfection.  My style is very natural, and I use Photoshop sparingly as a tool to enhance photographs that are already great.  Four to six weeks after your event, you will get an email from me letting you know your photographs are ready!  I will put them into a beautiful slideshow and send you a link to your personal online proofing gallery, which you can share with all your friends and family.  At that time, if you’ve purchased an album, we will get to work choosing your favorite photographs.  If you or any of your family members would like to order prints, you can do so through the online proofing gallery!

4. Is your business legit?  Do you charge sales tax?

Too legit to quit!  (I’m sorry… I couldn’t resist.  Please forgive me.)  Yes, my business is on the up and up, and I do charge sales tax, since the state of New York says I have to.  My official business name is Katie Jane Photography LLC, and I make sure all my business practices are in accordance with local laws and regulations.

5. Explain your shooting style:

My job is to tell the story of your wedding day through photographs, and I take a photo journalistic approach.  While I always like to make time for gorgeous portraits of you and your partner, what I’m really looking for during the day is emotion, details, love, and laughter.  I capture all the important bits: your first kiss, your first dance, the cake cutting; as well as all the bits you might miss in the craziness of the day: the emotion in your mom’s face as you say your vows, your friends’ smiles on the dance floor, the flower girl who falls asleep under a table after a long day.  When you look at your photographs, I want you to be able to step right back into your wedding.  I want all the memories… all the joy… all the love to come flooding back in a single moment.

6. How many weddings do you shoot a year?

I never take on more clients than I can handle, and shooting about 25 weddings a year seems to be just right for me.

7. What gear do you use?

I am a Nikon girl through and through!  Infact, I recently blogged about my typical wedding day arsenal HERE.

8. If we book over phone and/or email, will we meet you in person before the wedding day?

99% of the time – yes, of course!  One of the reasons I recommend doing an engagement session before your wedding is so that we can get to know one another a little bit, and you can get comfortable with my shooting style.  I don’t want to be a stranger on your wedding day; I want you to already be comfortable with me hanging around!  I want your photography experience to be personal… we’ll get much better photographs that way!  If you don’t want to do an engagement session, then we should meet for coffee a few weeks before the big day.  If you’ve booked me for your wedding and you live across country, we might not be able to meet first, but I promise we’ll have plenty of phone conversations, so that when we do meet, we’ll already be like old friends!

9. What are your favorite wedding blogs?

Even though my wedding day has come and gone, I still love to read wedding blogs – they continue to inspire me.  Some of my favorites are A Practical Wedding, Brooklyn Bride, Head vs. Heart, Style Me Pretty, Broke Ass Bride, Snippet & Ink, and East Side Bride.

10. Why did you become a wedding photographer?

To be totally honest… wedding photography is not where I thought I would end up!  When I started my little business, I wanted to be a family photographer.  I started shooting a few engagement sessions on the side, and I discovered I LOVED working with couples.  Capturing that magical time when two people are getting together and creating a brand new family is AMAZING.  Engagements naturally led to weddings… and here we are!  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  I am in love with love, and there is nothing on earth I would rather do than photograph your beautiful wedding day.

11. What is the biggest piece of advice you give to couples?

DO A FIRST LOOK!!!  Seriously.  It’s awesome.  You’ll love it.  We’ll get incredible photographs, and you won’t miss your cocktail hour!  Everyone’s a winner!  (Of course, if you definitely don’t want to do one, I totally understand, and I would NEVER force you to do something you didn’t want to do!)

12. What do you do to give back to the community?

I try to give a free photo session to a deserving couple at least once a year.  Because everyone should have gorgeous photography.  If you’d like to nominate a couple, please contact me HERE.

This year I will also be trying something a little different… in March and April I will be donating 10% of all sales to one of my favorite organizations: KIVA.  In the fall I plan on doing a second drive, and donating 10% of all sales to my former employers and my other charity of choice: The Humane Society of New York.  So stay tuned for more information as I finalize those two upcoming charity drives.  I still have to work out a few details.

13. What is a typical wedding day like?

I like to start working while you are getting ready, so I don’t miss a thing.  I try to spend a little time with both you and your partner, separately, making sure to get as many great “getting ready” shots as I can, as well as the sweet moments you’ll share with your friends and family as you prepare for the day.  I’ll also grab photographs of all the details at that time – your shoes, jewelry, the dress.

After that, it will either be time for the first look or your ceremony.  If you’ve decided to have a first look, we’ll use that time to capture some incredible portraits of just the two of you.  We can bring in your wedding party and family at the end, if you’d like, and grab some portraits of them as well before everything starts.  If you’d rather not do a first look, that’s totally fine! We’ll fit in portraits after the ceremony!

Then it’s time for the main event – the wedding!!  If your venue has any kind of restrictions on photography, I will make sure to follow them.  If your venue doesn’t have restrictions, I will move around – very quietly – to capture your beautiful ceremony from as many angles as possible.  I don’t want to disturb this important moment, however, so I will never push anyone out of the way for a shot or do anything to bring attention to myself.  I’ll do my very best to be a fly on the wall during this time, while still making sure to capture every moment.

After that, it will either be time for portraits (if you opted against having a first look) or the reception.  I always have such a fantastic time photographing receptions!  While I may be a fly on the wall at your ceremony, I will definitely be out amongst the guests at your reception – capturing all the joy, all the laughter.  And you can bet I will be on the dance floor capturing all the fun there!  (And maybe dancing just a little while I work.)

Your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye, so make sure take time to savor every second.  Just soak up all the love!

14. Can my friends take pictures of us while you do?

While we are doing formal portraits, I prefer it if your friends and family refrain from shooting their own snapshots.  When we are shooting portraits of just the two of you, you will feel less self conscious if we step away from your wedding party, and take some time to shoot in a more secluded, quiet area.  Often this will be the only time during the day the two of you spend alone, and I want you to enjoy every second of it.  It can be somewhat distracting when all your friends and family pull out their point and shoot cameras, so I usually just ask that you mention to everyone beforehand that you’d prefer it if they didn’t.

I will make sure I get lots of amazing photographs, and you’ll definitely be able to share them with all your friends and family, so there’s really no need for them to have their cameras out at this time.  Of course, during the ceremony and reception, it doesn’t bother me at all if people have their cameras out!

15. How far in advance should we book?

For weekday elopements, I am very flexible and often available last minute.  For weekend weddings, however, I do tend to get booked up several months in advance and dates for 2011 are filling up fast.

16. How much is the deposit to secure our date?

I ask that you put a deposit of 25% of your total package down at the time of booking, to secure your date.

17. What do you wear to photograph a wedding?

Usually my pajamas.  (Just kidding.)  Generally dress pants, a dress shirt, and a cardigan.  Sometimes all black, but not always.  I dress appropriately, and I won’t wear jeans to your wedding.

18. Are you available for family portraits?

Not anymore.  I am currently focusing on couples, and am only available for weddings, elopements, engagements, anniversary sessions, bridal portraits, trash the dress sessions… etc.  BUT – I can recommend an INCREDIBLE family photographer!  My friend Alethea of NestingNYC would love to work with you on a family portrait, so please take some time to visit her site, and discuss your family portrait needs with her.  She is seriously amazing!

19. I still have questions…

Great!  Just fill my contact form out HERE, and I will be in touch within 24 hours!

And because every post needs a picture, here is one of my favorites from the day we spent in Montalcino on our honeymoon.