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Something to Warm You Up || Italy

I was supposed to have a couples session this morning in Central Park, but today is not a day to be outside.  I met with my clients and we were all soaking wet and totally miserable, so we decided to try again tomorrow, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  It didn’t even have the decency to snow.  I can work with snow… but not ice and rain and slush.

I trudged home, soaking wet and cold despite my many layers… my toes numb… my umbrella turning inside out every few minutes from the wind.  No, this was not a day to be outside at all.  I grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, and my thoughts turned to Italy, as they often do whenever I am especially cold and miserable.  I thought about drinking wine in Piazza Navona, eating gelato on the Spanish Steps, the perfect sunshiny day we spent walking around Montalcino…. and I felt a little warmer as I turned the corner onto my street.  Italy is my mental “happy place.”  Is that a weird thing to have?  I don’t know.

I came home and went through my Italy photos, editing some new ones.  I get so busy with work that I have hundreds of unedited personal photos, but today seemed like a good day to work on some of them.  Don’t you just feel warmer looking at these?  I need to go back there as soon as humanly possible.




so gorgeous! makes me want to be there right now.