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Lil & Grady || Brooklyn Elopement Photographer

Yesterday after S & Z’s lovely City Hall elopement, we went back to their apartment to grab their dogs – Lil and Grady – and take them for a little stroll on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.  Before we left their apartment, I took some time to take a few portraits of them.  They were both so sweet and friendly, and more than willing to pose for the camera.  I have a lot more from S & Z’s amazing elopement, but for now, I thought Lil and Grady deserved their own blog post.











awwwww! I love the one of the border collie (is that what she is?) standing with the green fuzzy bone. What a look on her face!


She is a border collie! She came to NYC on a holiday so that we could get married, normally she lives upstate on a farm with my husband (gah! my husband! I’m married!) and deals with the sheep. She has a few good looks in her bag of tricks. You see featured in this set of photos three of her most famous looks, 1) “Play with me?! Play with me. Play with me …. now?” 2) “Woe, I am the saddest border collie in the world. No one has played with me for a full five minutes.” and 3) “Mine!!”

I know, they are so sweet!!