I don’t go out and take photos for myself enough.  I’m always ready and excited to take photos for my clients, but I recently noticed all the photographs that adorn my walls date back to well before I was a professional photographer.  Sometimes I forget all of this started because I had a hobby I was passionate about.  I’ve been thinking I need to still be able to do photography not just as a business, but as a hobby again.  I need to be able to be both things… a professional wedding photographer, and a hobbyist who photographs the incredible city she lives in for fun.  Surely I can make time for that.

The day before the proposal I shot in Madison Square Park, I needed to go out and test the light, since we were shooting so late in the afternoon.  I wanted to make sure I could get by without any artificial light, so I went out and took pictures where we’d be shooting.  I used to spend so many afternoons wandering New York, snapping photographs of whatever caught my eye, taking photo walks with friends.  I haven’t done that in so long, and it was so lovely to go out and shoot the city, shimmering with its shiny new coat of snow.  Here are two of my favorites: