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Happy Thursday!  It’s February, which means if we can just get through the next month, some nice days await us in March.  (I hope!)  Here is what I’m loving this week!


1. Sequined Tank from Ann Taylor (Because I don’t have enough sequins in my life.)  2. Rome Travel Poster from JHill Design (Because we all know what an Italophile I am.  I really need this for my livingroom.)  3. Bulletin/Chalk Board from K. A. Rozema Woodworking (I want this for our entryway!  Maybe I’ll stop losing my keys.)  4. Vintage German Jackie O. Style Sunglasses from What the Funk (When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better.)  5. In Full Bloom Necklace from ModCloth (This is just calling to be worn on your wedding day.)  6. Fierce from Kate Spade (Love this color.)

And now some link love…

Baked Spaghetti & Mozzarella from Kitchen Corners  (This looks really easy and really yummy.)

Classics Gifting Kit from Terrain

Fat Witch Bakery (I don’t even like sweets as a rule, but a friend brought us over some brownies from Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea and they were pretty much to die for.  I actually ate two – and if you know me, this is shocking.)

Cupcake Liners as Jar Tops from The Kitchn

Hand Painted Canvas Ties from Partners & Spade

That’s it for this week!  See you on Monday!  xo

(And seriously… why are we not friends yet?!)