She is my shadow.  I walk out of the bedroom and she greets me with a hearty meow, “It’s about time you got up,” she’s saying.  I feed her and her sister and walk into the kitchen for breakfast and coffee.  She is not interested in cat food, she is interested in my food.  Was there ever a cat who was more like a dog than Boo Radley?

The fridge door swings open and she makes a move for the bottom shelf; I nudge her away, “Oh no, you don’t.”  She stares at me as I make breakfast, hoping something falls down to her.  She cocks her head and leans up against my leg, “Please, let me have some human food.  I’m too good for cat food, don’t you understand?!”

I settle down to work for the day, and she settles in for her morning nap nearby.  But when it’s time for more coffee, she’s right behind me.  My shadow.  “Can’t I just have a little of that milk you’re pouring into your cup?  Just a little?”  No.

I sit back down to work and she hops up next to me.  She stares at me, “Stop working.  It’s time to cuddle.”  I pat her on the head, and she climbs up on the sofa behind me and onto my shoulder, “I told you to stop working.  Pay attention to me!”  She doesn’t take no for an answer, that Boo Radley.  I close my laptop… how can I resist?