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It’s raining down a mixture of ice and rain outside my window as we speak.  It was cold today, with snow off and on.  Much too cold for March 23rd.  Doesn’t the universe realize it’s spring?  Apparently not.  It was a bit of a shock to my system since I spent all last week in sunny 80-degree weather in Wilmington, North Carolina visiting my family and BFF.  I have a sunburn… how can it be snowing?!  I think on a day like today, we all need something warm and cuddly to look at… and I have just the thing!

Meet my mom’s dog, Cassie!  Isn’t she beautiful?  When I got to my mom’s house, after saying hello to my family, I immediately went out back to call Cassie inside.  When she turned around to see who was calling her, she FREAKED OUT.  I don’t think anyone’s ever been that happy to see me before in my life.  It always makes me feel so good that even in her old age (she’s about 12 now), she knows exactly who I am.

So of course before I left, we had to have a little portrait session, and I think Cassie rocked it out, don’t you?







Hi Katie

I followed a tweet to find this post and thought I would comment on how much I liked the black and white shots of the dog- I am a big dog fan and love these shots because of the of the way you have captured the character of Cassie and her lovely fur. Grant