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Tomorrow I am headed to Wilmington, North Carolina to see my family and BFF for a few days. John and I decided to stay in New York this year for Christmas, so I haven’t been back to visit since last summer. I am looking forward to drinking some sweet tea and having some of my grandma’s famous corn bread.

I’m not actually flying – I’m taking the train. Because here’s the thing: I HATE to fly. I fly all the time, it’s never stopped me from going anywhere, but I like to give myself this one trip down the East Coast on a train. It’s a yearly ritual, and aside from the part where I have to get up at 4am, it’s something I look forward to every year. Yes, it makes what would be an hour long flight into an eight hour trip, but I don’t actually mind so much. I read, I take photographs of the passing countryside, I listen to episodes of This American Life I’ve saved up for the trip, I talk to all the old ladies who are inevitably sitting around me.

I will still be working while I’m away – I have a portrait session scheduled and am meeting with one of my awesome brides while I’m there – but I will probably be a little slower to respond to emails, so please be patient.  And I’m guessing I’ll only get to blog once a day while I’m there instead of the twice a day, but I’ll do my best to stick to my new schedule.

Now – I have a question for you – what podcasts do you recommend for long trips?  Let me know what you listen to in the comments!

Trainride(Two iPhone photos from my trip down to North Carolina last summer.)




  • Have a great trip! Greg and I recently took our first train trip together and it was so much more relaxing than a plane trip. I envy your ability to take a train to visit your family in an 8 hour trip. For me it would be something like 23 hours!

    For podcasts, I recommend Studio 360, Slate Culture Gabfest, Slate Spoiler Specials, The New Yorker Fiction and Radiolab.

    Have fun!

  • I have a friend that takes the train from NYC to Seattle, which takes about 3 days, I think. I don’t think I could manage that, but 8 hours isn’t too bad.

    Thanks for the podcast suggestions! I will load up my ipod with all this good stuff to keep me entertained.