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It recently occurred to me that my wedding was five months ago, and I have yet to talk about it here or share any of the photos.  I had always planned to talk about our wedding experience, but I’ve had a hard time actually sitting down to do it.  There is so much to say, and I wasn’t even sure where to begin, but now that I’ve had some time to digest it all, I think I’m ready to share it with you.


I feel like our wedding story actually starts exactly three weeks before our wedding – on a beautiful September afternoon.  My now-husband went out for a bike ride, as is his habit on Saturdays.  I would never even think about riding a bike in New York City, but John loves to go on long rides, out to Brooklyn or Queens.  I was preparing to head out to Jersey City to shoot an engagement session for our friends Matt and Sarah that particular afternoon (who are getting married next month – YAY!!!), when I got a call from John just as I was about to walk out the door.  “Um.  Don’t freak out, but I was in an accident.  And… well… my teeth are gone.”  Wait, WHAT?!  I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying to me, “Your teeth are GONE?  What do you mean?”  Apparently a cab driver had pulled in front of him in the bike lane and stopped suddenly; John swerved to avoid the car, hit the curb, knocked several of his front teeth out and fractured his arm.  Of course it could have been INFINITELY worse.  He was extremely lucky.  (Helmets are your friend, people!  I am so thankful everyday he was wearing a helmet.)


He was able to get pretty new teeth just in time for the wedding, and the break in his arm was very minor, and only required a sling – not a cast.  After that, however, the worst had happened as far as we were concerned.  All the problems that arose in that last week and during the wedding itself were nothing.  An accident like that puts everything else in perspective.  So when our DJ bailed ten days before the wedding, and I got our menu cards back from the printer three days before the wedding and they were totally messed up, I just thought – “Well, I could have very easily lost my groom last week, so let’s just take the rest of this in stride.”  And we did.  (For the most part.)


Friends and family started arriving the Wednesday before our October 9th wedding.  Our closest friends, our siblings, our parents, our aunts and uncles… everyone was in New York City just for us.  It was incredibly overwhelming, and I’ve never felt so loved in my life.  We spent Thursday and Friday running around like crazy people – there was stuff to pick up, things to drop off, payments to make… and on top of it all, we had to make sure we were totally prepared to leave our house for two weeks, because when we left for the wedding on Saturday, we wouldn’t be coming back to our apartment before we left for our honeymoon.  It was a lot of work, but a lot of people stepped up to help when we needed it, sometimes unexpectedly.  I cried a lot of happy tears that week… I would get stressed trying to get it all together, and then someone would step in and say, “Let me help.”  We were so touched by how much everyone wanted to help us make sure the wedding came together in the way we envisioned.


Friday night we had our rehearsal, and I started to feel really nervous about walking down the aisle with so many eyes on me.  It was nerve wracking enough at the rehearsal; I couldn’t imagine how nervous I’d be the next day.  Our rehearsal dinner was amazing, and it was the first chance I had to really stop that whole week and spend time with all our awesome friends and family – some of whom had traveled thousands of miles just to be with us.  (And my wonderful friend Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick of NestingNYC photographed the whole thing for us – which I am SO grateful for!)


After the rehearsal, John left to stay at a hotel downtown near where we were getting married, and I stayed at our apartment.  My BFF and maid of honor – Hilary – and I stayed up way later than we probably should have, but we were just too excited.  At that point I stopped worrying about everything that didn’t get done and just said, “screw it.”  As long as I was married by the end of the next day, I didn’t care about all the little things that went wrong.  We sat on my terrace and laughed and it’s one of my favorite pre-wedding moments.  I started to feel totally calm about the next day… wedding day zen set in, and I was ready to get married to the greatest man in the universe.


And that seems like a pretty good place to leave off for now.  I’ll post part two – the actual wedding and reception – later this week!

(All photos taken by the incredible our labor of love!)



You are such a APW girl at heart!! That is so scary about your husband, but I am glad that he was okay. Your wedding sounds beautiful and your photos are gorgeous. ALSO! October wedding love!!! I was married on 10.10.09 ;)


Beautiful! Tell Alethea those are some kick ass pictures!

Elissa – I know! haha. When I was writing this, I was thinking it was such an APW “wedding grad” post.

Zan – Our wedding photographers were actually Our Labor of Love. Alethea took our rehearsal dinner photos, which I will post in a few weeks, I think! But she did a kick ass job for sure.

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