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I want you to trust me.  I know I’m asking a lot.  Afterall, until recently, you and I were perfect strangers.  You found my website or blog on A Practical Wedding or whilst Googling wedding photographers.  Something about me or my work – hopefully both! – caught your eye.  “Maybe this is our wedding photographer,” you told your partner.  So you dropped me a note or gave me a call.  Perhaps we’ve even already met for coffee.  We’ve had a nice chat, and here we are… you and your partner are mulling it over.  You’re comparing me to the other wedding photographers you’ve spoken with.  You’re trying to find the right one for you.  And I think you should take your time, it’s (I think, as a recent bride) one of the most important wedding-planning decisions you can make.

I don’t want you to hire me because the price is right.  I don’t want you to hire me only because you like my work.  (Although I really hope you do, or we shouldn’t be chatting at all!)  I want you to hire me because you trust me.  Because you know in your heart that I will be there on your wedding day, bright and early and ready to go.  I will capture all those little details you’ve worked so hard to create.  But most importantly, I will capture all those little moments.  Those once-in-a-lifetime, magical, joyful moments.  The unpredictable, the tearful, the silly, the beautiful… all those tiny little things that when added together make up a wedding day.

I want you to hire me because you know you don’t have to point to things and say, “Hey, take a picture of that.”  You know I will have already taken that picture.  You won’t have to think, “Did she get my partner’s face the moment we first saw one another, did she capture our first kiss… did she…?”  You will know that I caught it, because that’s the reason we’ve decided to work together.

The photographer/client relationship is a close one.  We’re going to be together all day.  When you trust your photographer, when you like her/him, when you’re confident in yourself and your photographer… then you’re just going to open right up in front of the camera.  You won’t be worrying about what I’m capturing… because you’ll know I’m getting the shots.  We aren’t going to fake smiles, we aren’t going to fake laughter… that’s not what I’m about.  All that laughter, all those smiles in all those photographs… they are 100% real.  It’s authentic and it’s pure and when you look back, you won’t remember feeling stiff or overly posed – because you weren’t.  You’ll just remember the joy, the fun.  You’ll see photos from the reception and think, “I can’t believe she captured that!  I didn’t even notice her there!”  And you’ll be glad you put your trust in me; I didn’t let you down.

But you don’t know any of that yet.  That’s all in the future.  We’re still pretty much strangers right now.  You don’t know about my stupid sense of humor yet… you don’t know that I will probably tear up when you get into your dress – I just can’t help it! – or that I’ll probably be dancing a little myself, while I’m getting all those shots of your friends dancing.

Trust.  Man, that’s a hard thing to establish, to keep.  It’s a lot to ask.  I know.  But I’m going to ask for it anyway.  And if you’re just not there yet, if you’re just not quite sure… that’s okay.  That just means we aren’t the perfect fit.  Your photographer is still out there somewhere.  Keep looking, keep searching.  You’ll find the right one.  But if you’ve looked at me, you’ve looked at my work, and you think, “Yeah, I like this girl.  I think I can trust her with the important task of documenting our wedding day,” then let’s do it.  That’s what I want, that’s why I want you to hire me.  Not because of money, or because your friend recommended me.  I want you to hire me because you know I’ll tell the story of your wedding in a spectacular way, and you’re totally confident in that… and in me.





megan frye


I am looking for a photographer for April 23rd in central park for my wedding. It’s just the two of us and an officiant. We only need the shoot and the disk. We are looking for estimates and availability. It is going to be early like 10:00 or 11:00…only for like an hour.

Thanks Megs

Hi Megs – Thanks so much for your comment! If you are interested in getting more information about my photography, please contact me here:

Thanks so much!