Kari Adams wants to be your crafty best friend. She is a wedding planner and a day of coordinator based in New York City, but her business – The Handmade Event – is unlike any wedding planning business you’ve heard of before.  As Kari would say, she and David Tutera are not vying for the same clients.

I met Kari last fall at a meetup of A Practical Wedding readers, (so that should tell you something about her right there – she’s an APWer!) and she spoke a lot about her very DIY, crafty wedding.  I was incredibly impressed with the many tasks she took on for her wedding – and a little envious – since I always have big plans for crafting projects, but rarely have the time to follow through.  (That was definitely true when it came to my wedding.)  Earlier this year when she told me she was turning her amazing DIY and organizational skills into a business, I knew she had to be the first vendor featured in my brand new Vendor Spotlight!  Where was this lady when I was getting married?!

bouquet_kariWEB(Left: The lovely Kari Adams.  Right: Kari’s bouquet from her own wedding which she MADE HERSELF!)

While Kari is happy to help you plan your wedding from beginning to end, her real specialty is her Craft Concierge service and her day of coordination services.  I thought her Craft Concierge service was particularly ingenious: she will either help you DIY your wedding on your own by coming up with an inspiration board, craft ideas, and a list of supplies; provide you with an extra set of hands and help you not just come up with the craft ideas, but help create them together; or she will actually take things into her own hands and do the crafting for your wedding herself if you don’t feel like you have the necessary skills.  She will get her craft on or help you get your craft on, on your own!

For her day of coordination services, Kari says she wants to be the cool head at your wedding; the person who can do what needs to be done, and is not emotionally involved.  She wants to take the stress of making sure everything ends up where it needs to be off of you and your family members.  She thinks your mom should be with you and enjoying the day – not holding a clipboard or setting up for the caterers.  She told me that having someone like that at her wedding would have made a huge difference, and that is why she is so passionate about being able to be that person for other brides.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all her services – planning, Craft Concierge, and day of coordination – are really affordable.  Like… shockingly affordable for New York City.  She wants to work with brides that know their own minds and hearts really well, but just need someone who is detail-oriented and organized to give them a hand during the process.  She is not the type of planner that would ever advocate that you spend money you don’t have or aren’t comfortable with for your wedding.

ringpillowWEB(A gorgeous ring pillow Kari recently made!)

Kari has an extensive background in event planning, particularly for corporate events.  She has been involved with New York Fashion Week and the TriBeCa Film Festival.  And now she wants to help you have the exact wedding you want to have, whether that means personalizing all your wedding details, or just having someone around to make sure your wedding day is calm.

You can contact Kari at thehandmadeevent@gmail.com for more information or to set up an appointment, or visit her website here at TheHandMadeEvent.com.




  1. Maura
    Mar 11, 2011

    Yay!! I could have used a more crafty best friend and clipboard holder during the wedding.
    Maybe for the next one? ;-)

  2. wendy
    Mar 11, 2011

    OMG, that is the *cutest* little ring pillow ever. wow!

  3. Kari
    Mar 12, 2011

    Maura – maybe we shall say for a vow renewal – less scary to the current husband! :)