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Wednesday Randomness || New York City Wedding Photographer

Boy, do I have a lot to talk about.  This post is going to be a bit of a jumble.

Last week I had the incredible experience of visiting Justin & Mary in Connecticut for a one-on-one mentoring session, and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful and illuminating that was.  Justin & Mary are incredibly kind, supportive… but also realistic.  They gave me honest opinions on my business and photography, and helped me come up with ways to take my business to the next level.  One of the reasons I’ve been silent this week is because I’ve been totally reorganizing my business on the back end, and making plans for the future.  I have huge plans for Katie Jane Photography, and Justin & Mary really helped me start to form a clear picture of what I should be doing to reach my goals.  I can’t thank them enough for that.  The next year is going to be AMAZING for my business, and as wedding season draws closer, I am getting more and more excited!

One of the things I discussed with Justin & Mary was my blog and my blogging habits.  There are going to be a few cosmetic changes coming to the blog in the next few weeks.  (Nothing major, just some tweaks.)  And I am going to start blogging TWICE a day.  It’s daunting to write that out for the world to see, but that’s the goal.  I’ll be sharing from both my personal and professional life AND I’ll be featuring an awesome wedding vendor on the blog once a month.

To change gears a little bit, I am SO excited to announce that the winner for the A Practical Wedding photography giveaway was announced on Monday, and I am beyond excited to work with the amazing couple that won: Jarah and Elizabeth!  Their winning comment:  I couldn’t possibly come across a more hope-inspiring giveaway than this one. Katie Jane’s photos are gorgeous the idea that my partner and I could actually afford a professional photographer would be the hugest gift ever. This Jewish lesbian couple is fighting hard to stay practical! I’ve worked with many couples in planning their wedding rituals, but – wow – figuring out how to pull off the rest of the production isn’t something they teach you in rabbinical school! (So that’s why I’ve been addicted to APW for at least 4 months now, even though this is my first post.) Thanks to Katie Jane and APW for a generous offer!

Yay for Jarah and Elizabeth!  I can’t wait to work with them at their beautiful wedding in November!

(AND – speaking of A Practical Wedding!  I almost forgot!  The New York City APW group will be having a meetup on Sunday, March 27th.  So if you’re a fan of the blog and want to hang out with some awesome ladies for a few hours while drinking wine and eating cupcakes, check out the A Practical Wedding Facebook page for more info on the time and location!)

I also want to talk about an amazing workshop being offered by my dear friend Alethea of NestingNYC.  If you are a parent who wants to get all your family photos organized AND learn how to take better photos, then Alethea’s Photosanity Workshop is for you.  The workshop will be offered on Doodledeals for the next six hours or so.  When Alethea told me about the workshop, it sounded like a genius idea to me, and knowing her and the way she works, you definitely won’t be disappointed.  For more information, check out this pre-testimonial on her blog.

And FINALLY, I just wanted to mention that wedding dates for 2011 are filling up fast!  So please let me know if you are interested in possibly working together.  I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and chat about your wedding!  (I am also starting to book dates for 2012!  YAY!)

SO.  Whew.  That was a random assortment of things!  To sum up: BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING!  And that is AWESOME!  I am busy busy busy and so thankful every single day I get to wake up and run this incredible business.  Being a wedding photographer was what I was put on this planet to do, and I am so happy with how amazing 2011 has been already – and it’s only March!  Thank you for coming along on this amazing ride with me, and tomorrow regular blogging shall resume.

And now, because every post needs a picture, here is a photo of a sculpture in the garden of our hotel in Florence:





Yay for mentors!

Random! Justin and Mary presented at the NYC PUG group last night. Do you come to those meetings? Also the couple that won your contest sounds awesome, excited to see the pictures! :-)

I know – I was supposed to go last night, but something came up. :-/ I’ll be going to Spread the Love and Walk Through a Wedding at the end of the month, though!

SO proud of you!! Twice a day….YOWZAS!! :)