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Friday Afternoon Ramblings || New York Wedding Photographer

It’s time for more of my Friday afternoon ramblings… don’t you just love it when I throw a bunch of random nonsense at you?!  (Sarcasm!)

First things first… let’s just get everything all out in the open and clear the air.  This very well may cost me some clients, but I’m going to be honest.  Yes.  I got up at 5-something AM and watched the Royal Wedding.  And I loved every second of it.  So there.  I’m a wedding photographer… BIG SURPRISE that I wanted to watch a wedding.  I really hope the best for them… they seem to actually love each other.  (And how about that ginger best man?  Who knew Harry would end up being the handsome one.)

Tomorrow John and I are participating in the New York City MS Walk for the second year in a row.  The National MS Society is an organization extremely near and dear to me, and if you’re interested in supporting an amazing organization and donating or walking for those who can’t – I highly recommend getting involved.  Online registration for the walk is closed, but you can show up tomorrow at South Street Seaport and register if you’re interested in walking for MS.  (It’s a six mile walk, which – if you’re a New Yorker especially – is pretty easy, since we walk everywhere anyway.)  If you’d like to donate, you can do so HERE.

I am finishing up post production on a BUNCH of stuff this weekend, and will have some amazing things to share in the upcoming week – Luz & Israel’s engagement, Joyce & Berian’s wedding, Amy & Rory’s wedding, and Saskia & Ben’s engagement!  And next week I have two amazing weddings – an elopement on Tuesday and then Lylah & Xavier’s wedding on Friday which is going to be gorgeous.  So lots of editing to finish up and then I’ll have some really awesome stuff headed your way.  I am getting majorly excited about May.  It is shaping up to be my second busiest month this year (September is the busiest – September is going to be bananas) and I am ready to rock it out!

Spring has finally sprung in New York City, thank you universe.  John and I plan on spending the evening on our terrace grilling food and spending some time together, since I feel like we’ve both been working way too hard lately.  What are your plans this weekend?

For my photographer friends, Zack Arias is hosting a three day, free online workshop on CreativeLIVE which is – thus far – pretty amazing.  Zack Arias is a pretty smart guy and owner of an epic goatee… so you can’t go wrong with this workshop, I’m thinking.

I hope you have a beautiful, sunshiny spring weekend!  Boo Radley says happy Friday, friends:






I watched it too, and yes, everyone thought I was crazy. So what? It was beautiful!