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My J&M Mentoring Session

I had a follow up Skype meeting this morning with Justin & Mary.  As you know, I had a mentoring session with them last month, and this morning they followed up to see how things were going.  In the last month I’ve also attended their Spread the Love and Walk Through a Wedding workshops.  I told them this morning that I felt like I had spent the last month in Justin & Mary boot camp.

I took stock of things last night in preparation for our follow up meeting this morning – how is my business going, how are my client relationships, how is the quality of my work…?  And I was happily surprised to find that truly I am in a different place than I was at the start of the year.  My business is growing so fast, and in the last month I’ve felt like I was riding a huge wave of momentum.  I still feel that way.  The sessions and weddings I’ve done in the last two months have been (in my opinion) some of the best work I’ve ever done, and I approach a wedding day in such a fundamentally different way than I did before.

After spending so much money on education this year, I had a moment of panic.  Did I throw my money away?  Are these things really benefiting me?  Now on the otherside, I can emphatically say YES – I have gotten SO MUCH from Justin & Mary.  Yes, yes, yes.  The last thing I want, as an artist, is for my work to get stagnant.  I want to constantly be growing, learning, trying new things, and giving more and more to my clients.  The things I’ve learned in the last month have not been fluff… I’ve been able to apply to much to my everyday work and everyday life.

If you’re considering doing a mentoring session with Justin & Mary or attending one of their workshops, I HIGHLY recommend it.  I feel like my business reached a real turning point this year, and I think Justin & Mary had a lot to do with that.