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(Some) Family Photos

I write all my blog posts a few days in advance usually, then add the photos and publish.  It’s the easiest way to keep on top of my blogging.  I wrote a different post for this afternoon.  One that will now never see the light of day.  It was about my family and portraits I had taken of them.  About the personal project I am working on – a combined album of portraits of mine and John’s families.  Something to sit on our coffee table (well… coffee ottoman) of the two families we came from, and then portraits of our new family: me, John, Olive and Boo Radley.  Today I was going to share the family portraits I took while I was in Wilmington, North Carolina visiting.  But something happened, and I’m still kind of reeling from it.

First of all, I need to preface this with a disclaimer.  When I shoot a wedding or an engagement, the first thing I do is come home and back up all the files.  Immediately.  Even if I get home at 1am from a wedding… I don’t go to bed until I’ve backed everything up on our external harddrive.  Once everything is on the harddrive, it is also backed up on an offsite storage system through Amazon.  And then I don’t delete the memory cards the wedding is on until the files are fully edited and delivered.  I’m meticulous and careful, and – knock on wood – have never lost a single client photograph due to a technical problem.  Basically about 10 things would have to fail in multiple locations – onsite and off – for me to lose a client’s photograph.  So I don’t want any of my clients to ever worry.  Your photographs are safe!

I should have been as careful with my personal photographs.  But I wasn’t.  And today I experienced a small failure and lost about half of my family photographs.  The photographs I took of my mom and grandma are fine, as are the photos of just my grandma, and my grandparents together.  But the photographs of my mom with my grandparents, and me with the whole family are gone.  And that is incredibly upsetting and frustrating to me, as it will be a while before I am able to go back and visit and retake these photos.

So the lesson I learned today?  I should be as meticulous and careful with my own beloved photographs, as I am with my clients’ photographs.  Because they’re just as important to me.  I can’t just run down the street and retake these.  I revere and handle each photograph SO carefully that I take for someone else; I should probably show the same kind of care with my own.  Here are a few that managed to survive.