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I shot A LOT at the Walk Through a Wedding workshop I attended last week.  Roughly about 50GB worth of photos.  I know.  So I’ve decided to break up my recap into two posts – the details and the portraits.  Today we’ll start with the details.  And man, were these details gorgeous.  I can’t imagine how much effort went into putting this workshop together.

We started the day at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel where Justin & Mary began the seminar portion of the day, and then we shot the getting ready of our fake wedding.  (Side note – our hotel room was facing one of the runways at LaGuardia airport, and as someone who is incredibly terrified to fly, it was not super great for my blood pressure to watch planes taking off all morning in the background.  I know, I know – it’s not like I was ON a plane, but that’s how ridiculous my fear of flying is… I can’t even stand to watch them take off.  And then I kept thinking about how many flights I have to take this year, and that wasn’t making me feel too great either.  Ok… tangent over.  Sorry.)

After that we headed over to the church they had chosen in Long Island City to shoot the ceremony of our fake wedding and learn about off camera lighting.  I have to say, Justin Marantz is a lighting genius.  He really explained things in terms I could easily understand.  Off camera lighting has always kind of overwhelmed me – but Justin explained it in such a way that I feel like I finally GOT it.

Finally, we headed to the Metropolitan Building where our fake reception had been set up and it was absolutely stunning.  It made me want to get married again and have a 1920s theme.  The details were just unbelievable.

All in all, it was some of the best money I have invested in education since I became a photographer.  I always strive to improve my work and skill, and I feel like Walk Through a Wedding made a huge difference in the way I approach a wedding day.  I would highly recommend it to anyone – whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned professional.  We can always use a fresh take on things, I think.

And now, here are the details.  I love how moody everything feels.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with the portraits!












Love these! Makes me wish I had noticed more around me.

Love em!!! :)The big letter ‘M’ photo is really pretty!