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The other day I shared all the gorgeous details from the Walk Through a Wedding workshop I attended, and today I’m delighted to share the portraits.  Well… some of the portraits. I’ll be back next week with even more! How unbelievably beautiful was our bride?  She had such an amazing vintage quality about her.  Our bride and groom were played by real life couple Kathryn and Peter, who recently got engaged and volunteered to spend a day modeling.  They did such a wonderful job, and you can really tell how crazy they are for one another.  You’ll see, these definitely aren’t my typical style, but I was really pushing myself to experiment… to try new things with light.  It was so much fun!








WHOA! This lady is GORGEOUS! These photos are beautiful. I love the vintagey feel. Stunning.

I. Love. These.

And that last one is just stunning.

I think we’re going to be able to check out the Boston WTAW, so thank you again for pointing us in the direction of J&M!

Thanks, Maddie! I think she looks just like Rachel McAdams. So pretty.

And YES! I am SO glad you guys are going to do the Boston one. I think you’ll love it!

Thanks, Hilary!