Georgette & Fred came all the way from Scotland to get married in New York City, and I was so honored to be able to capture the moment for them!  Georgette & Fred are genuinely sweet people and clearly they love to laugh, judging by how many photos I have of the two of them laughing.  They brought me gifts from Scotland – a cloth tartan rose that is just my style and – drumroll – a William & Kate celebratory tin of biscuits.  So you can see, Georgette & Fred are clearly awesome and hilarious.

Georgette & Fred’s lovely friend Danae had contacted me on the sly, and sent over confetti, champagne, and a little “Just Married” sign, as a surprise.  After the ceremony, we walked across the street to Foley Square and broke out the champagne!  (Yes, I know we broke some laws.  Shhhhhh!)  We then headed up to Central Park.  It was a gorgeous day, and we captured some amazing portraits in the sunshine.  Georgette & Fred, thanks for such a fun day!  Congratulations!

(Also – how much do you love Georgette’s dress?!  It has such an amazing vintage feel to it.)

















  1. Elissa
    May 12, 2011

    I love all of your elopements and this one is beautiful. Love the bench portraits with the “just married” sign! So cute. And I love the bride’s dress and jacket!

  2. PostivelyAnna
    May 13, 2011

    I’m crazy for the one with the sign too!

  3. Georgette (Bride)
    Jun 10, 2011

    Thank you for all the kind comments, but the biggest thanks must go to Katie.
    We eloped from Scotland to New York and as a last minute thought my friend suggested a photographer to placate disgruntled relatives. I really dislike getting my photo being taken, but Katie made us feel totally at ease, (so much so we forgot she was there).
    The quality of work and the final presentation was incredible and Katie has given us memories that will last forever.
    All the best for Katie Jane, and Katie Jane photography.
    Georgette (Bride)