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I became a sponsor on A Practical Wedding at the end of last year, and Saskia and Ben were the very first APW couple to book me for their wedding, shortly thereafter.  Since then, I have worked with lots of amazing APW couples, but last weekend when I headed to Brooklyn for Saskia & Ben’s engagement session, I was really excited to meet the first APW couple to book me.

We started the day dangling three stories above the street on their fire escape, and I’m not going to lie: I was a little scared.  I don’t like heights (big surprise), and the fire escape didn’t exactly feel very solid.  After we climbed inside and my blood pressure returned to normal, Ben suggested we head up to the roof.  The roof idea didn’t scare me – the roof would obviously be a lot more solid than the fire escape.  Then I saw the ladder I had to climb to get up on the roof, and I couldn’t shake the image of me dropping my D700 as I scaled the ladder.  Nevertheless, we persevered, and through a team effort we got my gear up the ladder safe and sound.  Clearly Saskia and Ben are adventurous people, and I adored that about them immediately.

We spent the rest of the day wandering Brooklyn Heights, ending the afternoon underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  Saskia and Ben are incredibly animated, and kept me laughing all day.  After the engagement session, they took me out to lunch at one of their favorite neighborhood restaurants, where I had the yummiest veggie burger of my life.  It’s safe to say I definitely fell in love with Brooklyn Heights while shooting Saskia & Ben’s engagement.

Saskia & Ben, I had such a fantastic time getting to know you both, and I cannot wait for your wedding in September!!  I know it is going to be an amazing day!

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Cute! I’ve walked by that Love Lane sign so many times wishing I had a couple to take a photo! :-)


Thanks so much Katie!! We were so excited to see all these shots and have already started the “which ones should we print?” debate!

Cathleen Cogswell

The photographs are fantastic. They capture your feelings for each other. Thank you so much for sharing them!


You two make a stunning couple! Katie Jane did an incredible job of capturing your personalities in these shots – I’m seriously impressed!

Congrats to you and Ben. Enjoy the ride :)


Gorgeous shots, and beautiful people! My favorite is the second photo at the top, where Saskia is throwing her head back, laughing. Classic. Also the one with the cat (duh).

Jewell Polite

To Saskia & Ben,

Thank you for sharing with me such precious photos of your love for one another. May your love continue to grow for eternality and service as a symbol of what great togetherness is for us all.

Best regards,

Maggie Koszewski

These photos are fantastic – you have certainly captured the love that Ben and Saskia share! Love love love them!

Autumn Outman

Saskia and Ben are too cute! These are some awesome photos with a very quirky new your vibe.
I love them!

These are so great, so Brooklyn and so you guys! Well done!


All of these pictures are wonderful! Ben and Saskia, you look great! I thiiiink my favorite is the big one with the skyline behind you, but I can’t commit to just one :)

Josh Edler

Amazing pictures!!!! Congratulations!!! Have an amazing adventure together!! I wish you nothing but the best.(used the period only because I may have over done it with the exclamations)

Absolutely love it! The pics are gorgeous!

Amber ashlock

These pics are amazing!! Katie is a great photographer

Sophia Tee

Saski–You are so pretty!

Beth Shuman

Sas, there adorable. We were over at Mandy’s and she also loved them


Absolutely adorable!


Love these pics! By far my favorite is the second one down with Sas about to bust up laughing. So typical of these two. More laughter and love than anything else. Also, give Layla a hug for me! I’m glad she made a cameo in these pictures! Can’t wait for September!

Tasha Nagle

Absolutely beautiful!

Brian S

I like these because they make Ben look tall. When in reality he is just average.

Kelly T.

You guys are adorable! Gorgeous pictures!


These are so adorable – congrats Sas and Ben!!


Amazing photos!!! REally captured the personalities and love between them! beautiful!


Saskia and Ben!!!

You both look amazing. Thank you for sharing these!



The pictures are amazing – thank you for sharing them. You can see the feelings Sas and Ben share.


Awesome photos! You guys are so cute!

Great photography and adorable subjects! Can’t wait for the big event!


Beautiful pictures of two of the most beautiful people I know!

Mark Schatz

These are the greatest photographs I have ever seen anywhere. The rooftop was inspired!

Donna D

These two look very happy together! Love the unusual shots!