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Unfortunately, my business isn’t always happy couples and pretty pictures and sunshine and making out with your beau for the camera.  (Don’t you just love that word – beau.  It’s a little bit of my Southern charm shining through right there.  I think that’s my favorite word.)  There’s a darker side… a hideous side… and it’s called bookkeeping and accounting.  Also – work-related errand running.  And sales tax paying.  I would also include inbox cleaning, filing, contract writing and calendar upkeep in that category.  Oh – and spreadsheets.  Horrible, evil spreadsheets.  And that is what my world is today – it’s the business side of my… well… business.  And although I hate it, I have to do it… because my business is legit, and I want it to stay that way.

So while I am up to my eyeballs in receipts and print orders, I didn’t want to totally neglect you lovely people on this beautiful Monday afternoon, so I thought I would post one more photo from Friday’s wedding.  This was the view from the Ravel Hotel on Friday.  Just unbelievably gorgeous.  Ah, New York, I love you so.





that’s a REALLY beautiful picture. Wow.

Thanks, Lauren!!