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You may have noticed a few weeks ago I added a mint green background to the blog. I saw a color palette on a wedding design board a few months ago that was just like mine, but with mint green thrown in, and I kind of fell in love with it. Although I had been so excited about incorporating the kraft paper look into my blog and website when I redesigned things… it just never worked out quite how I imagined. I never found the right pattern, and I don’t think it translated that I was trying to have a kraft paper background. So while kraft paper is still a huge part of my packaging, I’ve decided that it doesn’t really have a place in my web presence. So I made a few tweaks, took out the kraft paper, added a few things, and I’m really pleased with the results! You can view my updated site here, as always:, and I will be working to fix up my blog to match my site update a little more over the coming weeks. Let me know what you think!





Katie – I LOVE the new look! Is your site ShowIt now? (Or was it always?) Love the fresh color combo – for sure. :)

Thanks, Christy! I still need to hire a designer, but I made things a little more streamlined. It’s Showit, but I’ve been on Showit for three years now actually. I’ve been happy with Showit because it’s been so easy to change things up when I feel like I need to.


Dude I LOVE the new site. It is awesome. About a million times better. Fabuloso!

Thanks, Zan! I think so too. My last website was a mess – the idea was better than the actual execution.

LOVE love love. So awesome.

Thanks, Kelly!!