Oh man. San Francisco. I cannot even explain how much I loved it there. Within half a day, I turned to John and said, “Let’s move here.” And I am not even remotely kidding. I feel terrible saying that – after all, how many times have I expressed my undying love for New York City? Which is something John reminded me of immediately. So I said… let’s be bi-coastal. People do that, right? That’s a thing, I think? February to August in San Francisco… September to January in New York. Done. Everyone wins.


John was not so quick to abandon New York City. So all along the way I pointed out the ways that San Francisco and New York were really quite a lot alike. For example… San Francisco certainly has as many “interesting characters” (to be polite) walking down the street as New York. And food… the food was definitely as good as New York. We ate some ridiculously yummy food. (Particularly Alexander’s Steakhouse. OHMYGOSH. Unbelievable.) And the bridges. As much as I love the Brooklyn Bridge (and truly I do), the Golden Gate was just a spectacular site to behold.


In the end, John relented a little. It pained him to admit it, but he did love San Francisco. “It’s not off the table completely. I’m open to it.” Okay, then. A maybe. A someday. A we’ll see. A little tiny dream. I’ll take what I can get.


That week in California was so good for my soul. Perfect, cool weather. (New York in the summer is practically uninhabitable.) John and I ate gelato at the Ferry Building. Climbed all the stairs to Coit Tower. (Which I deserve a medal for, thankyouverymuch.) Had the greatest burritos of our lives in The Mission. Walked half of the Golden Gate Bridge (and then drove all the way across). Drank beers and shivered on the ferry to Sausalito. And best of all, just spent some real time together. Something that is rather precious in our increasingly busy lives. Yes, I see John everyday, but… not really, you know? I’m working, he’s working and our schedules tend to be totally opposite. But we unplugged for a few days and walked around and talked and laughed. A lot. And it was the perfect start to my summer. Thank you, California. (AND I got to have lunch with Meg of A Practical Wedding and Emily of Emily Takes Photos which was awesome!)


I’m already plotting another trip back. Oh West Coast, I knew I would love you, but I had no idea how much. (AND I got to cross off two things from my 101 in 1001 List: Visit California and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!)