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Suzy & Jeff Sneak Peek! || Upper West Side || NYC Engagement Photographer

I live in a pretty huge building. Our building is so big it has its own little social networking/bulletin board type website. Because I like to cover all my bases, I posted a little note on there letting everyone know I was a photographer, but not really thinking anyone would take notice. Lo and behold, a few months ago I got an email from the lovely Suzy, who lives a few floors above me. She and her awesome fiance Jeff are getting married in Michigan, but they wanted New York City engagement photos. So today we went out to capture gorgeous photos of Suzy and Jeff in the city they love. I have much more from this session, but here’s a quick sneak peek!







  • Perfect example of why you should leave no stone unturned. Lovely pictures!

  • Suzy

    Love the sneak peek, and can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thanks so much, Katie! You were awesome to work with; totally flexible, and willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for the right shot.