Remember Stephanie & David? Couple of awesomeness from Australia? I am so excited to share their Day After Session (well… weeks after session) with you today! If you’re not familiar with a Day After Session, it’s basically the same thing as an engagement, but you’re already married. Some couples wear their wedding clothes for it, but some opt for a casual look, which is what Stephanie & David went for. I love these images so much because they are so opposite from their wedding day – bright, colorful, sunny, casual. The wedding day images and the day after images are so fantastically opposite, and it really works. We started the morning in Rockefeller Center, then headed up to Top of the Rock, and finally finished up at some of their favorite Central Park locations – including the spot where they got engaged on New Year’s Eve!

I actually post processed these a little bit differently. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what really inspires me – who really inspires me – and I keep coming back to film and photographers who still use film. I adore the look of film above anything else. I started out using film, spent many hours in the darkroom as a teenager, and I truly love it and miss it. But I also love digital and for me and my business – digital really makes the most sense.

I don’t believe I can truly replicate the look of film with digital, but I have been experimenting a little bit more – pushing the boundaries of my current style a little here and there. About half of Stephanie & David’s images were post processed in my normal way, and the other half I tried something a little new – added some different colors, tried to come up with something that had a little bit of a film feel to it, and I was really happy with the results. I think it’s something I’ll continue to experiment with. Can you pick out which images I post processed a little bit differently? Which images may have a slightly different feel to them?

I want to maintain my style in a lot of respects – I love color; I love bright, sunshiny images. But there’s this other part of me that loves the vintage feel of a photograph created with film. The sometimes slightly muted color cast, the light. So my work is currently evolving a little bit, and you might see me experiment a little bit more with color over the coming weeks and months. And I might even start bringing my old film camera to shoots to create a mixture of film and digital in my work. I’d love to hear your feedback. Do you love the look of film? Or are you glad the film days are in the past and think I’m crazy for wanting to infuse some of that into my work?

Oh – and how ridiculously adorable are David & Stephanie?




  1. Jeena
    Jul 28, 2011

    *Gasp* I LOVE!!!

  2. NYC Faces Makeup Artist Anni Bruno
    Jul 28, 2011

    They really are the cutest co!uple ever. And good for you for trying something cool and new with your process – they look great!

  3. Elissa
    Jul 28, 2011

    Why do I always end up going crazy over your clients’ outfits? Stephanie’s dress is so cute and flattering… I want it!
    It’s also great that you’re changing up your post-processing… it’s good to try new things. I’m going to take a gamble… the second photo is done to be more film-like? I’m so bad at guessing… Regardless, these are wonderful. Congratulations to the sweet couple :)

  4. Jon Lemon
    Jul 28, 2011

    Love that you’re trying out some film looks. Honestly…I don’t miss film, but I do miss the look it gives for certain shots. And while film has its place, digital is just such a nicer animal when dealing with high volumes and post-processing. I still mess around with it for fun personal stuff, but nothing outside of that.

    Had to laugh, my friend has the Trojan Hearse shirt too.