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Stephanie & David Married! || The New York Palace || Manhattan Wedding Photographer

The skies may have been gray and rainy, but the atmosphere inside the New York Palace on Stephanie & David’s wedding day was nothing but sunshine. These two lovely people had traveled to New York City from Australia to have a destination wedding in one of their favorite cities. I started the morning with Stephanie and her bridesmaids as they got ready. The amazing Anni Bruno did a gorgeous job on everyone’s make up and everyone’s hair looked stunning thanks to Sissi Chan. They popped open the champagne and Stephanie told some hilarious stories about David. The room was full of laughter. After a while I headed down to David’s room where he was getting dressed with his groomsmen, and the excitement in the room was palpable. It was immediately clear to me that these two were pretty much perfect for each other.

After everyone was dressed and ready to go, we headed down to the lobby for the First Look. We had originally planned to have the First Look in the hotel’s gorgeous courtyard, but the rain was still coming down pretty hard, so we rolled with it and found a fantastic spot in the lobby. Stephanie & David had one of my favorite First Look moments to date. Their faces were completely priceless. After the First Look we headed out to brave the rain for portraits, and I am absolutely thrilled with what we captured.

Stephanie & David were best friends for years and years before they started dating. Their wedding day had been a very long time coming, and I know they have a spectacular life ahead of them. I absolutely adored working with this couple and all their sweet friends, and I wish them so much happiness.




Oh my freaking adorable. ADORABLE!

I love the wonderful relaxed feel of these photographs! The look so in love and content :)

I think this is my favorite of your New York shoots! Captures being in love in the city. I LOVE the one of them crossing the street as he holds his flowers.


Wowzers! Amazing shots! It was so fun hanging out with them on that rainy morning…I love when the first thunder clap happened, she just bust out laughing….so relaxed and happy. Loved working with these gals and beautifying them – thanks for having me on board.

Chris Odams

Hello Cousin.

Great news, great photos. A big congradualtions to you both.
Married in the BIG apple – awesome. Wishing you both a equally big future.

Love from the Odams family.

Stephanie Wright

Awww, thanks for the kind words Chris. What an absolutely lovely surprise to get this message from yourself and your family! So I’m guessing this link is doing the rounds of all the family in New Zealand huh? :) It was a great day and Katie really captured all the love, excitement and fun of it all perfectly so we could share the day with all our family and friends in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Canada.

Thanks so much Anni, it was so great to meet you and yourself and Sissi really added to the fun of the morning, it was an hilarious morning! Meh, there’s nothing anyone can ever do about the weather so there was nothing to do but laugh with each thunder clap :)

Peter Cartner

Love the Photos some fantastic shots, Love the grand central station photo most of all.

Congratulations again on getting married.