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Bikini or Bust – Week 3

Geez… week three already? Where is my summer going? (Although I am okay with the summer flying by because I am more than ready for fall!)

So… the good news: my foot is A LOT better. I have one more doctor’s appointment on Monday, and after that I think I’ll be allowed to get back in the gym and do some cardio again. So that’s positive. The bad news: I don’t feel like I was as successful at last week’s goal to move everyday for 15 minutes as I could have been. I took a little walk last Thursday; I shot a wedding on Saturday (so that definitely counts, because I was moving all day); I took a little walk with the husband on Sunday; and I did yoga Monday and Tuesday. But last Wednesday, Friday, and today so far… nothing.

I know – it’s only three days (and today is still early, so I will probably get some exercise in), but I am just a little annoyed at myself for being lazy those days. It’s not like it’s that much effort to go to the pool (it’s literally 9 floors below me) or walk around the park for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes! Not that much! So I’m going to extend last week’s goal to this week – Move everyday for 15 minutes. And I’m going to try to be a little more determined to move my butt every single day. And then we can move on to a new goal.

I’m not really beating myself up over two measly days – maybe I should make that more clear. I just want to explain why I am extending the goal. I didn’t reach the goal – and it’s not a big deal – baby steps! – but this isn’t a diet or a temporary change. I’m trying to make an actual, forever lifestyle change. And that isn’t something you can rush into. In my experience… whenever I rush into anything – it doesn’t stick. (And that applies to all aspects of my life.) So throughout this thing, if I feel like I’m not meeting the requirements I’ve set for myself to move onto the next step of this project, I should probably hold myself back. I’m trying to build a foundation. So yeah, it was only two days… I could give myself a pass. But I didn’t meet the goal – the goal was to move everyday. And it would probably only be detrimental to my future goals to let myself move on without completing this step.

Oh – one more positive thing – I’m still eating breakfast everyday! Even when I really really don’t feel like it. And I actually think it’s given me more energy.

So… week three… move everyday for 15 minutes. Here we go again…!

What goals are you setting for yourself right now? Are you meeting them?