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Bikini or Bust – Week 4

Week 4?!?! Holy cow. I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the first month. It hasn’t been an easy project to start – especially after injuring myself – but I have already made some real, solid changes in my life that are sticking. What about you? Are you doing your own little health and wellness project? How’s it going? Got any tips? I hope you’ll share you own experiences with me as we continue down the road together.

SO. This past week was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I got motivated, I stayed motivated, and I can’t tell you how much energy I’ve had for the project. I got the all clear from my doctor to get back on my foot, and though I’ve had to wrap it up for support during any kind of activity – so far, so good. I’ve been walking, doing yoga, and this morning I went for a six mile bike ride with my awesome friend Sarah. And let’s not forget breakfast – I am a breakfast eating machine now! Which is crazy. Because seriously… I reaaaaallllly am not a breakfast eater. But I do it, and it’s been really great for my energy level.

And speaking of yoga, I just signed up for two weeks of unlimited yoga classes at YogaWorks. It’s a pretty spectacular deal and the studio is just a few blocks from my house, so it’s perfect. I went up there for a tour this afternoon and the space is gorgeous, the staff was incredibly helpful and nice, and even though my yoga knowledge is pretty limited, I think there are classes that will be just right for me.

That brings me to this week’s goal: Go to at least three yoga classes before next Wednesday. The staff at YogaWorks suggested five, and I’m not opposed to it, but you know the motto of Bikini or Bust is “slow and steady.” It’s all about easing into a new life routine so that it will stick.

Bring it on, Week 4!




yay! I totally thought we might talk about this when we met up in DC last week but we just blabbed about other things and it didn’t come up. awesome that you are feeling so good about it so far – yay breakfast! :)

as I mentioned on twitter, I’m trying to get back into yoga this month. I have kickboxing twice a week until the end of next week, and then after that I will probably try to do some yoga classes (which are nowhere NEAR my apartment, super jealous of your proximity to yogaworks). Also want to get in some more running, once kickboxing is done.