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Michelle & Dawn Sneak Peek! || City Hall || NYC Elopement Photographer

Today I had the absolute joy of photographing my first LEGAL same sex marriage in New York City, and it was so amazing. Michelle and Dawn have been together almost thirteen years, they have two wonderful sons, and they had a commitment ceremony seven years ago. So you can definitely say this marriage was a very long time coming. They, along with their sons and their siblings, joyfully headed to City Hall today to finally make things official. Here’s a small sneak peek… much more to come!

(And on a semi-related note… have you purchased your Yay New York tickets yet? No? What’s the hold up? Get on that, y’all!)




AH! That last shot! Love the moment between the two of them. :)

Yes!! The giant LOVE! Congratulations to these ladies! Rock on.

Adorbs. Totally adorbs.


Thank you SO much for photographing our wedding especially on such short notice. It was an amazing and (unexpectedly) emotional day and thanks to you we will have the photos to look back on forever. These three pictures are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Yay, I may cry.

Oh so lovely. Yay for love!