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Hi, kids. I’m back. I meant to write a – “Hey, I’m going on vacation, see you later!” post, but in the craziness of last week, it just never happened. So you get a – “Hey, I’m baaaaaack” post instead.

The husband and I went to Maine to celebrate my twenty-eighth birthday by spending a week sitting on the beach and eating lobstah. (NOT lobster.) It ended up being a somewhat bizarre trip as a hurricane crashed the party midway through. A lot of the things we had planned got nixed by the weather, but we fared well through the storm, and that’s all that matters. (I’m so sad to see all the people that did not fare well, and am thinking of everyone who lost their homes due to Irene – especially in Vermont.)

For some reason twenty-eight has always been my official “grown up” age. I remember being eighteen or nineteen and thinking, “I’m not really a grown up yet. I’ll be a grown up when I’m twenty-eight.” Twenty-eight always seemed like the age when everyone finally got their shit together, got married, had awesome careers, bought a house… etc. Obviously I know this isn’t necessarily true – it just seemed true to me when I was twenty and floundering. But it’s funny – now thirty-five seems like my “grown up” age. Oh, I’ll be an adult when I get to thirty-five – I’ll have it all together and it will be magical. I’m guessing that grown up age thing is just going to keep getting pushed back – maybe when I’m sixty, seventy-five will be my “grown up” age.

This last year was probably the biggest year of my life. I went from being a family photographer who occasionally did weddings to a full on wedding photographer. I’ve watched my business – which was majorly struggling this time last year – absolutely flourish and grow into something I could have never dreamed. I got married. Whoa. I got to travel a lot and visit some fantastic places – Italy, Mexico, The Outer Banks, California, Boston, Washington D.C., The Hamptons, Maine. I made some seriously awesome new friends – I finally found “my people” if that makes any sense at all.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There were some difficult moments. And I was waaaaaay too much of a workaholic this year. Something I really want to change. Sometimes I let my business be my whole life – which is crazy. Katie Jane Photography is not my life. My LIFE is my life. So I have that to work on in the next year.

When I woke up Friday, I didn’t feel grown up. But I did feel grateful. Grateful for another awesome year. Grateful to be married to the greatest guy in the universe. Grateful for my friends and family (and cats). Grateful to live in New York City. And excited to see how twenty-eight will compare to twenty-seven.

We spent the morning of my birthday in the sunshine on the beach and in the afternoon we went to a carnival and ate ice cream, played skeeball, and rode the Tilt-a-Whirl a couple times. For dinner I ate a lobster and we shared a bottle of pinot noir. It was pretty much perfect.




the good times are just starting! so much love in your life! yay :-)


happy happy birthday! love that you celebrated in maine and were safe from irene!


Happy belated birthday!