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Ariana & Antonio Married! || Washington D.C. || Courthouse Wedding Photographer

Last month I took the train down to Washington D.C. to photograph the beautiful courthouse wedding of Ariana & Antonio. (An amazing A Practical Wedding couple!) I learned that getting married in Washington D.C. is not exactly easy. They make sure you really want to do it. And maybe that’s a good thing – maybe you should have to jump through a hoop or two to commit your life to someone else. Clearly Ariana & Antonio were happy to go through a little red tape to make things official.

I met them at the U.S. Botanical Garden to start the day with some portraits. They were so easy going – it almost felt more like an engagement session than a wedding day. We then headed off to the courthouse to meet their families and get these two hitched. (Side note: Washington D.C. is incredibly strict about photography in the courthouse! I wasn’t allowed to use my camera at any point except during the actual marriage ceremony. I guess I should have expected that, but I was somewhat surprised.)

The marriage ceremony was straightforward and sweet, and didn’t feel like a courthouse wedding at all. Ariana & Antonio’s families were enthusiastic and overjoyed – hugs all around and lots and lots of happy tears. Afterward we walked to The Mall for a few group portraits. I seriously could not have asked for a more lovely group of people to work with. We finished the day at the National Gallery of Art for a few final portraits with just Ariana & Antonio who were totally blissed out at this point. Whenever I asked them to look at each other for a photograph, Ariana’s face would just light up with delight. It was so ridiculously adorable. These two people are very much in love.

It was so fun to go down to Washington D.C. for the day – it was such a nice change of pace. I am so lucky that my job takes me to amazing places like the National Gallery of Art and the U.S. Botanical Garden. And so lucky that my job allows me to work with incredible people like Ariana & Antonio. Thank you both so much for everything!