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Kristyn & Brian Sneak Peek! || New York City || Manhattan Wedding Photographer

I spent Friday in the company of Kristyn & Brian and their lovely family. They came from my hometown – Wilmington, NC – to get married in New York City. Kristyn and I even went to the same high school at the same time, but I don’t think we ever met back then. It’s sort of amazing that of all the photographers in New York City – they found the one from North Carolina.

Friday was a gorgeous day for a wedding, and this one was just perfect. My favorite moment of the day: As we all climbed into the limo after the ceremony and Kristyn & Brian settled into the back, Brian looked around and said with the biggest grin, “Well, that was fun!” Kristyn & Brian are an incredible couple, and I think love just radiates from every single photograph. Here is a quick sneak peek! More to come! Kristyn & Brian – I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon full of sunshine and drinks with umbrellas in them!

(That last photo was a special request from Kristyn & Brian who are major Yankees fans. Somehow we talked our way into an empty Yankee Stadium! Nobody ever says no to a girl in a wedding dress!)