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The only word that can describe Saskia & Ben‘s wedding is EPIC. Seriously, seriously epic in so many unexpected ways – Saskia’s stunning dress, the beautiful song her father sang to them, the food (SO GOOD!), the massive storm that rolled through causing the power to flicker on and off in the tent but only made the dance party more raucous! I had been waiting for this wedding for a very long time – Saskia & Ben were the first A Practical Wedding couple to book me when I started advertising there last December and have been amazing to work with all year. I knew their wedding day would be no exception.

Saskia & Ben are incredibly sweet, seriously funny, and perfect for each other. And the people they surround themselves with were just as amazing and wonderful – their families were a dream to work with. I have so many stories to share from this wedding (including getting stung by a bee mid-ceremony!) but for now here is a quick sneak peek. Saskia & Ben – I hope you have an amazing honeymoon! Thank you so much for everything!




Oh my, how I adore that dress – gorgeous! Sounds like it was an awesome wedding.

Oh goodness. I’m in love. Especially the one of her coming down the stairs!

I’m loving that portrait at the end. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Kristin (Eleanor's mom)

Gorgeous! I’m so anxious to see the rest and relive the day all over again!


Katie: These are beautiful. You and your colleague were amazing at the wedding. Thank you for helping to make the day so special for us.- Carl (Saskia’s Dad)


Beautiful pictures. They are absolutely wonderful and capture the amazing beauty of the wedding. Thank you!