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What Are You Listening To?

Fall arrived in New York City this morning… right on time. (Sorry, I consider the day after Labor Day the start to my fall – not September 21st.) And I am more than relieved to say goodbye to summer. Today was chilly and rainy and I know most people were annoyed by the weather, but it was kind of perfect to me. I don’t like to be hot… I don’t like tank tops or shorts. I like jeans and cardigans and boots and tights and finally getting to wear my new trench coat. I like pumpkins and falling leaves and chai. And I know it will get warm again before it gets cool for good, but I’ll savor every 60 degree day that I can – even the rainy ones.

I’m very seasonal about my music – fast and loud during the summer, echo-y and hollow in the dead of winter. In the fall I like acoustic guitars and something I can sing along to while I work. Today I started working on my fall playlist. I have hours and hours of post production ahead of me this fall, and I’m going to need some good autumn-y tunes to get me through. So what do you have? What should I be listening to? What awesome musician do I need to know about? Recommend away!

Here are some of my current favorites to help you get an idea of what I like…

Perfect fall music. What else do you have for me?




Check out The Vespers. They are a young band from Nashville and should fit in with the bands you listed: