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Kelly & Kingsley Sneak Peek! || Ladies’ Pavilion || Central Park Elopement Photographer

Kelly & Kingsley were supposed to be married this past Thursday, but on Wednesday evening I got a frantic phone call from Kelly that they’d had a problem with their marriage license and weren’t sure whether the wedding would be happening as planned. They were still trying to sort out the problem, so I told her to call me when they knew for sure, and we’d figure it out. A short while later Kingsley called – the only option they had was to move the wedding to Friday – was I still available? Amazingly, the answer was yes. But it almost wasn’t.

Earlier in the week, I’d had a request for a last minute elopement for Friday, and I came very close to taking it, but then I thought – no, no, I’ve been working so much lately, and I passed them along to another photographer friend. I don’t know what made me pass – I hardly ever turn down an elopement – but it’s the end of wedding season, and if I’m just being totally honest – I am exhausted. I thought I’d just do one wedding last week (Kelly & Kingsley’s) and give myself a little break. And thank goodness I did! Or I’m not really sure what would have happened had I not had Friday free!

Kelly & Kingsley had come all the way from the UK with their closest friends and family to be married in an intimate ceremony at the Ladies’ Pavilion in Central Park. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this sweet and beautiful wedding for anything! Kelly & Kingsley are just genuinely kind and open hearted people. Since they’d been planning this wedding from overseas, we’d never actually met in person, but as soon as I walked into Kelly’s hotel room Friday morning, she ran over to give me a hug. I just adored them – and their seriously awesome families – immediately.

SO much more from this beautiful intimate Central Park wedding – just wait until you see Kelly’s shoes – but here’s a very small sneak peek! Thanks for everything, Kelly & Kingsley!!

(And yes, in that bottom picture we were riding rickshaws to their little reception at The Boathouse! So awesome!)




love the sneak peek! they’re adooorable!