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One Year (Six Years)

John and I met at an 80’s theme party in the summer of 2005. He was wearing a blue 80’s track suit. (I know.) I was wearing a black and neon dress I’d bought at a thrift store earlier that day. And sunglasses. At night. Of course. Back then my hair was bleach blonde, streaked with black and pink, which really fit the 80’s theme. I was standing in the backyard at the party when this giant track suit wearing man came over and boldly plucked my sunglasses off my head and put them on. There was no way I was getting them back. I’m five feet tall. He is over six and a half feet tall.

I spent the rest of the night sitting on a step talking to this guy. This funny, sweet, weird guy. In a track suit. We became friends. And a few months later, on October 9th, he kissed me one night when we were hanging out. And we became more than friends.

We moved to New York City together. We lived in a shoe box in the East Village for a while, and then a fourth floor walk-up on the Upper West Side. We started traveling the world together as often as we could. We laughed. A lot. (We still laugh a lot.) We adopted two cats – Olive and Boo Radley. I started a business with his support. We got engaged. And then on October 9, 2010 – five years after he first kissed me – we got married, surrounded by everyone we love. It was the best day ever.

There isn’t a thing I would change about the past six years. Every single day I am glad he walked over and plucked my sunglasses from my head at that stupid party. Nobody makes me laugh like John. There’s no one I have more fun with. And when the road gets tough, having each other just makes us stronger and able to face whatever comes our way.

One year married, six together. And I still feel like I won the lottery.

I love you, John. Happy anniversary. xo

(photos by our labor of love)




Congratulations! Those pictures are stunning — enjoy your anniversary, you pretty pretty people!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Happy anniversary to you both!!!

Aww yay! Happy anniversary!