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I have so many sessions and weddings to share with you, and I’m super duper close to the end of wedding season. (Two more big weddings, and a handful of elopements in November. I am officially done for the year the weekend before Thanksgiving.) So December and January will be full of blog posts sharing all the work I did this year while I recharge, and it will be glorious. I miss blogging here everyday, and as I wind down for the year, I hope to be able to find time for that again. But I wanted to check in today and tell you about a few things floating around in my head.

I had my mini sessions this past Sunday, and it went incredibly well. I am thinking of offering another mini session day on Saturday, November 5th. Please let me know if this would be something you’re interested in, and as long as I have enough people, I’ll make it official.

I am looking for an experienced second shooter in the Raleigh, North Carolina area for a wedding in Benson, North Carolina on Sunday, November 20th. If you’re interested (or know someone who may be interested), please email me at info [at] katiejanephoto [dot] com with a link to your portfolio.

I completely forgot to mention it here, but I wrote a love letter to the A Practical Wedding community last week. You should seriously go read it. I’m in love with my APWers, and I don’t care who knows it! It seems silly… a blog changing one’s life. But it really really did. In every way. (I also really want to thank my awesome brides who left such sweet comments on the APW post. I am the luckiest photographer in the world to have gotten to work with you all!!!)

I’ve had a lot of clients ask by what date they need to get their holiday orders in: Any clients planning to order prints to give as gifts for the holidays, you must place your order no later than Monday, November 21st in order to get them in time for the holiday season. Any orders placed after November 21st will not arrive until January, so please keep this in mind. (All orders can be placed through your proofing gallery. Please email me if you’ve lost the link.)

And just a friendly reminder to clients: Please make sure you back up your photographs. I recently had someone lose their DVD. Although I was able to replace the DVD for them, that might not be the case ten years down the road. So please make sure you put all your photographs somewhere else when you get your DVD – or multiple places! There are all kinds of cloud storage options these days, as well as external harddrives. Don’t put it off – do it as soon as you get your DVD.

Yesterday I took Tamara Lackey’s work/life balance seminar at WPPI NYC/PhotoPlus Expo, and it was really earth shattering. I’m working on changing my processes and setting boundaries – no work after 6pm, no answering non-urgent emails on weekends, giving myself more time to meet deadlines instead of pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, learning that it’s okay to say NO sometimes for the sake of my sanity. These nights of working until 3am have got to stop. She offered some great, real life solutions, and I HIGHLY recommend going to hear her speak about her work/life balance if you have the opportunity. Although she is a photographer, I think that everything she talked about could be applied to anyone who works in a busy, demanding field.

And because every post needs a picture… here is one from a recent wedding that I can’t wait to share!





ooooooooh, and i’ll be in town on nov 5. but busy with marathon bizness. are you going to spectate?