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Family Portrait Session Sneak Peek! || Wilmington || North Carolina Photographer

For the past week I’ve been in North Carolina. I actually had a wedding to photograph down there, but John and I took some extra time to visit our families while we were down there. We had a fantastic week – my side of the family was all in one place together for the first time since our wedding. So of course I had to organize a family portrait session for MY family! It was really interesting – it was the first time my family really got to see me in action in a professional capacity. I think I heard the word “bossy” tossed around more than once, but I had a big group to wrangle, so what do you expect. ;-) I have TONS more to share from this session, but here’s a little sneak peek! (The players: my brother – Justin; my sister-in-law – Stephanie; my dad; my mom; my grandparents; my lovely husband – John; and two of my brother’s cats – Bruin and Manhattan.)




  • Your grandparents are adorable. Actually, your whole family is adorable! Great pictures!