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2011 Round Up (Part 3) || The Photographs || NYC Intimate Wedding Photographer

And now the final (and best!) installment of my 2011 round up – the photographs! I had so many amazing portrait sessions, engagements, elopements, and weddings this year. (And I still have two more weddings to shoot before 2011 is over!) I haven’t yet blogged all my weddings and portraits yet – lots to come in January – so some of these photographs may be brand new to you, and some you’ll remember. But these are my favorites. (For the sake of brevity, I have left out my favorites from my portrait sessions/engagements/etc. This post is long enough as it is, so with the exception of one of my favorite proposals from this year, these are all from weddings/elopements. I may do a portrait session installment next week.)

It was extremely difficult to pick my favorites – some I loved because they are technically good, some I love because of the moment they captured, some I love and I can’t explain why – I just do.

My favorite photographs (in order of when they were shot) from this year:

*A note about what is going on above left and why I love it: This couple – Karen & Bret – surprised Karen’s son by giving him a ring during their ceremony, to symbolize that the three of them were now a family. It was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever witnessed – Karen & Bret were crying, her son was crying, the officiant was crying, I was crying… it was really awesome.

*This was my first LEGAL same sex wedding. It was INCREDIBLE.






Love the photo of the kid skipping!

yeah! So many beautiful ones!


Ooh, so thrilled to be a part of this!! And I totally teared up @ the picture/explanation of the family of three and ring.

Tim Parker "Dad"

I have to say they are all so very good. But the picture of the couple with the boy skipping says it all for all of these couples. JOY! Wonderful

Love the Marine Corps wedding shots!!

Wonderful work! Loved the shots in Grand Central and the great candid captures.

Simply amazing work woman! You have grown by leaps and bounds this year! BEAUTIFUL!

Joanna Gianni Murphy

I can’t put into words how thrilled we are that you captured an endless amount of beauty and raw emotion to tell the story of our day. I’ll never be able to Thank You enough!!