I feel this strange relief that 2011 is drawing to a close… and nothing but jubilation looking ahead into 2012. 2011 was great – but I feel like 2012 is going to be even more amazing. I don’t know where this feeling is coming from, but a little voice inside me keeps saying… “2012 is going to be the best year ever!” I hope you’re right, little voice.

I started 2011 off by aiming high, and I definitely accomplished some of those goals that I so optimistically laid out. But not all. Not by a long shot. In January I photographed my first (of what ended up being many!) proposals. In February I photographed my first APW wedding – Zan & Stephen’s elopement. Had my first A Practical Wedding post. And photographed ANOTHER awesome proposal. In March I visited my family in North Carolina. And then came back and attended Justin & Mary’s Walk Through a Wedding Workshop. (I also had a mentoring session with them, which was so amazing.) In April wedding season started gearing up and I found myself photographing elopement after elopement after elopement. Oh… and another proposal! I also had a wedding published on a wedding blog for the first time! May was all about weddings – I shot some beautiful weddings and elopements. John and I celebrated living in New York City for five years. I went to the top of the Empire State Building for the first time, and I visited Zan’s farm and got to hold a lamb! I met Ang and she became one of my favorite people on the planet! And John and I spent a week on the Outer Banks with his awesome family. June was insane. I shot a bunch of engagements, weddings, and elopements. I went to The Hamptons. I photographed Zan & Stephen’s second wedding – this time Upstate! We celebrated the passing of Marriage Equality in New York. I went to Boston for the first time to photograph an amazing engagement – and eat cannolis. John and I went to San Francisco – and yes… I left my heart there. July was a little less busy than June – as the hot weather makes everything move a little slower, I think. I shot a few elopements, a few engagements, and a wedding at Il Buco. I had another wedding featured on a blog. And spent most of the time in a very sexy walking cast because I destroyed my foot working. (It’s much better now!) In August I photographed my first legal same sex wedding! I photographed weddings in Boston and D.C. I started work on my personal project. I turned 28 and slid down a giant slide to celebrate. John and I went to Maine… during Hurricane Irene. I had another feature on a wedding blog. And then came September. September was – by far – my busiest month to date. Weddings every weekend (sometimes more than one). I was all over the place – New Jersey, Harrisburg, Long Island. I made the decision to focus on elopements in 2012. Had another featured wedding. And started working with Super Runaway designing a brand new website. In October, John and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and our sixth year as a couple. I photographed an engagement on Coney Island – a longtime dream of mine. I had weddings in Central ParkUpstate in the mountains… at City Hall. I also attended PhotoPlus Expo here in NYC, and learned some new things to incorporate into my business. November was all about family portrait sessions – I don’t shoot a ton of family sessions anymore, but it was such a nice change of pace to have some in November. I shot my APW giveaway winners’ wedding in Montclair, NJ. Then traveled to North Carolina again to visit our families, and shoot Joanna & Corey’s beautiful wedding. Which brings us to December… a month in which you’d think I’d slow down. But you’d be wrong. I shot Alethea’s maternity session (and then her new baby!). Launched my new website. Participated in the great APW Book Buy – and gave one away! Was interviewed for Ang’s blog. Decorated the house for Christmas. Had a portrait session on the High Line on what ended up being the coldest day of the year. Photographed the baby of one of my very first wedding clients. And shot some more elopements. And I will spent the next two days shooting weddings as well – one at City Hall tomorrow and one at Grand Central Station on Friday. And then on Saturday, I will welcome 2012 with open arms.

So what’s on the docket for 2012 so far? In January I’m going to D.C. to visit my BFF; in February I’m going to Vegas for WPPI with my APW ladies; in May, John and I are going to Hawaii for ten days; I have about fifteen elopements on the books so far (my first elopement of the year is January 4th!); weddings in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Upstate, Utah, and of course… New York City; a post scheduled for APW in February; my first print feature; and plans to hopefully have a gallery show late next year. You know… I don’t think I’m happy unless I’m going a million miles an hour all the time. ;-)

I hope you’re as excited for 2012 as I am. I hope you’re dreaming big and making plans. I didn’t accomplish all my goals for 2011, but I’m going to continue to work on them in 2012. I hope this year brings you health, happiness, and perfect sunshiny days.

Happy (almost) New Year, friends!




  1. Christy
    Dec 28, 2011

    LOVE IT. It has been quite a year for you, my friend! Here’s to an even more amazing 2012! You’ve inspired me to write down my goals so I can (hopefully) check them off as I go! :) xo!

  2. Ang
    Jan 04, 2012

    Holy crap lady you were busy. I feel positively comatose next to you.

    And you’re one of my favorite people too! *HUGS*