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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

All week on my blogging schedule (yes… I have a blogging schedule) it’s said, “Blog: Christmastree” and everyday I’ve moved it over to the next day, and then the next. On Monday I was supposed to show you photos of our pretty tree, John and I decorating it, and cute photos of Olive and Boo Radley batting around Christmas decorations and trying to climb the tree. It was all going to be very festive and adorable. But… we haven’t actually decorated the tree. We got one on Sunday, and it’s been sitting in the corner sad and bare since then. Because not only am I working like a crazy person – I decided on Monday that I had to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. I don’t know what possessed me, but in the midst of massive amounts of post production and sending out holiday orders, I decided my house needs a good scrubbin’ – and while we’re at it, let’s just get rid of everything we haven’t used in the last six months and send it off to Goodwill. So there are about 10 boxes of books, clothes, shoes… etc. sitting in my entryway – and I still have a closet and a few drawers to go through, so who knows what I might find to get rid of.

Could we have found a moment in between my working and obsessive cleaning to decorate the tree? Sure. But I really love Christmas. And for the second year in a row, it’s kind of passing me by. Decorating the tree has to be AN EVENT. We need to pop open a bottle of prosecco, put on my favorite holidays tunes, eat some baked goods, and then watch a Christmas movie. I can’t just pull the lights and ornaments out of the closet, stick them on the tree, and go back to work. (Yes, I know I have obvious mental problems.) So hopefully tonight is the night. I can’t stand to look at that sad little tree one more day.

All of this is to say… I can’t let this ever happen again. Last year I missed the holiday season because I was working like a maniac. And I vowed that this year would be different. But I was wrong. Hi, my name is Katie Jane, and I’m a workaholic.

I want to go ice skating! And I haven’t seen the tree at Rockefeller Center yet! And I haven’t been to the holiday market by my house! And my stockings are not hung by the chimney with care. (Not that we have a chimney – we have a ledge. And they are just sitting on a stool next to it, looking very pathetic.) Of course – my dirty little secret is that I kind of love working. I love my job, I love my clients… when I take a few days off, I get bored. So. There’s that.

But 2012 is going to be all about balance for me. (Whether I like it or not.) I have to set boundaries for myself… no more working until 3am, I want to close up shop from December 10th to January 1st next year so I can enjoy the holiday season; I am going to spend a lot more time with my friends (hi friends, are you all even still there?); I’m going to make time for the things I love – baking, hanging out with my husband without the laptop in front of me, crossing a bunch of things off my Life List; and I’m going to be a healthier person – no more skipping a week of yoga, or skipping the gym because I’m tiiiiiired. It all just sounds like a lot of big talk, doesn’t it? And so incredibly cliche… making promises to myself for next year. But I am nothing if not a walking cliche 90% of the time anyway, so it’s fine.

I cannot even explain to you how excited I am for 2012. And I have NO IDEA why. I mean, I have some cool trips planned, an awesome project we’re going to work on, some big plans for the business. But that’s pretty standard fare for me. And yet… for some reason this irrational excitement keeps bubbling up and this little voice keeps saying – “2012 IS GOING TO BE AMAZING OMG YAAAAAAAAY!” And I’m like, “Voice, shut up! You’re going to jinx it! Geez.” I don’t know where this excitement is coming from or why it’s there, but I’m going to go with it. TWENTY TWELVE!! WHOOHOO!!

So this is my Christmas present to myself. I’m going to work through the holidays this year, get my new systems in place… and next year will be a totally different story. And we’ll all – me, my husband, my business, and my clients – be the better for it.

It’s funny… this was not the blog I had intended to write. I was going to write a little funny preface about how I haven’t decorated my Christmas tree, and then I was just going to launch into some pretty photos from a recent wedding. I just got carried away on a tangent. So… pretty photos later this afternoon. Here’s a preview:





Hi, My name is Christy Tyler and we are the EXACT SAME PERSON. From the workaholic tendencies, down to the cleaning spree, and back over to the Christmas tree decorating rituals. Ahem. Also, I’m suuuuuper excited for 2012 too! The year I take back my life, and everything will be better because of it! :)